November 29, 2019

How terrorism is financed

About the episode:

Although terrorist and extremist groups largely use traditional methods to fund their activities, the anonymity cryptocurrency affords is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative. Join Adam Hadley and Lorand Bodo as they speak to Nick Furneaux, author of ‘Investigating Cryptocurrencies’, Florence Keen, research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London, and retired police officer Andrew McDonald, who served as head of specialist investigations of the UK National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit at New Scotland Yard. This episode explores the myriad of means used by terrorists to sustain their lifestyle, fund operations, recruit individuals, and build capacity. It highlights the need for increased knowledge sharing between law enforcement officials, researchers, and the fintech community, to combat the issue. Although we’re not yet in the danger zone with terrorist use of digital money, it’s coming. Terrorists are like any other criminals, and they will exploit any avenue necessary to achieve their goals.

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