April 17, 2020

How Nordic neo-Nazis use the internet

About the episode:

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) is a neo-Nazi organisation that was originally founded in Sweden. The movement, which is openly anti-semitic, anti-immigration and anti-gay, aims to dismantle Nordic parliamentary democracies and replace them with a unified Nordic fascist state. Join Flora Deverell and Jacob Berntsson as they discuss NRM’s growing influence with guest Jonathan Leman, a researcher at Stockholm-based Expo, which monitors violent extremist far-right activity in the Nordic countries. The podcast also takes a look at some of the most prominent individuals in the Nordic neo-Nazi scene with expert Dr. Louie Dean Valencia-García, an assistant professor of digital history at Texas State University. Together, they explore how Nordic neo-Nazis are exploiting online platforms as a “safe haven” and other mainstream trends, such as memes, to spread their message and aid radicalisation on a global scale.


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Louie Dean Valencia-Garcia (@BurntCitrus):

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Jonathan Leman (@JonathanLeman):

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Expo: https://expo.se/what-expo

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