The behind-the-screens fight against terrorism

The Tech Against Terrorism podcast takes a deep dive into terrorist and far-right abuse of the internet. Whether it’s radicalising people through posts on the decentralized web, or uploading manifestos and attack videos to social media, extremist activity online is on the rise. 

The Tech Against Terrorism team is committed to supporting the tech industry in their fight against terrorist exploitation of the internet, whilst also respecting human rights. Their work is supported by the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate and revolves around three pillars: outreach, knowledge-sharing, and practical support.

In this podcast they examine how the dissemination of online material, particularly on smaller platforms and social media, has been instrumental in some of the world’s most infamous terror attacks. Using their vast knowledge in actively combating online terrorism and hate speech, the team grants you access to a world most people never see.

You’ll be taken behind the screens, finding out about some of the most important and difficult counter-terrorism operations that are going on. You’ll also hear from various experts in the field to find out how these insidious messages are being spread, how the far-right is evolving and adapting – and what is being done to stop them.